A good cup of tea…

When it’s snowing outside and the temperatures are below freezing, what would be better than a cup of tea and a friend in your arm…

But seriously- the cup was filled with wine and after this picture they punched eachother in the face.


Welcome (new) Home

NOiD is back in the saddle again. Brand new location with enhanced sound quality and lighting.

I want to Break free

+++News Update+++ +++All has been moved out and cleaned up+++

+++NOiD officially moved out+++ +++On hold for new Homebase+++

Never too big

While this looks like an oversized wine rack, it actually just cools down the neighboring offices while NOiD is on fire.

Our recording sessions are progressing nicely.

See you all on stage.

It ain’t all quiet

Just a few more steps before you’ve reached our (old) soundgarden. While we are about to move to a brand new homebase in Munich shortly, this place has made our reunion possible in 2015. Thanks!

We are currently busy getting our live-recorded-set up to scratch and will keep you updated soon, where and when our next gigs for the summer season of 2018 will take place.

Shoes on, Booze on

While this is still one of a kind (or actually two), it qualifies as one of the first exclusive NOiD memorabilia since the reunion.

With these, a musician can utilize up to 5 guitar pedals at once. We should think about taking this to mass production.

NOiD on vacation

While a hot August minimizes the time at the rehearsal homebase, it gives each of us time to find some extra creativity on our own. 

At home or at home-away. 

With or without strings attached.

But always comfortably and safely seated.

Tetris 2.0 – All Pro Version

This is what it looks like when you cart your band equipment from the rehearsal room to the gig.

Turn, Turn, Turn, Drop.

Turn, Left, Left, Drop.

Fortunately NOiD grew up with Tetris, Snake und Frogger – so it was no problem, fitting even the biggest elephant in the glove compartment.

Next Level!

War is on! (Viehhof München)

The war is on! NOiD is on stage – and there’s just not enough space for everyone… See, Funkh hogged all the space when he was setting up his gear. Look at his ridiculously large ‚Funkhenstein‘-stack wasting almost half of the stage! It’s a disgrace! But now Udo and Kupsu have a new strategy: they team up and corner him while Udo whips up a solo. That puts Funkh back in his place!

Superunfazed with shades

It’s just too darn bright! All the light-stripes and LED-displays and electronics. Too. Bright. While Funkh and Udo are constantly blinded by this powerful display of illumination, Kupsu always keeps his cool: A song you can’t play with shades is a song not worth playing. Word.