Happy New Year

Due to the current lack of New Year’s fireworks and rockets and the absense of firecrackers, the NOiD HQ makes up for this with its exquisite lighting (strobe rainbow colors) and gnarly guitarbass distortion.

2022: We are back recording, fighting and drinking.

Happy New Year to all!

Ready for Release # 2

Once finicky Funkh, uncompromising Udo and konvergence Kupsu find a common recording intersection, musically speaking, it ends with a new release.

Stay put for Well Adjusted, coming out any time soon on Spotify and iTunes.

Look Ma, No Hands!

After numerous partial, light, full and other lockdown periods, we are progressing with the time-consuming yet delightful recording process.

Sometimes even hands-free!

Stay tuned for sound bites.


Westend – we’re back. It hasn’t exactly been the easiest move-in, but we made it back to the place we like the most.

No humidity. Sunny windows. High ceilings. Great sound.

Fine – the isolation on the walls might still need a bit of work, but no biggie…

Goodbye Giesing

Cablemania 2019: Setting up your gear everytime you want to play a few tunes sucks big time – and Funkh is not having it any more! He is demanding a permanent space where he can tinker with and ‚optimize‘ on his Funkhenstein-stack. GAS, final stage…

Udo, on the other hand, has started to wither under these dark, murky and also windowless conditions – so Kupsu installed some life-saving and light-shedding led-bars. That actually helped Udo’s condition! And after getting used to the constant strobe-light-induced headaches, you can sometimes even see your instrument clearly for a split-second or two…

The equipment is reacting allergic and dying the slow death of corrosion! This is an outrage! How could this happen?! The high air humidity in the Giesing headquarters is killing the amps off one by one! This boat won’t float – and we need a new HQ for our preciuos gear. Goodbye Giesing!

A good cup of tea…

When it’s snowing outside and the temperatures are below freezing, what would be better than a cup of tea and a friend in your arm…

But seriously – the cup was filled with wine and after this picture they punched each other in the face.


I want to Break free

+++News Update+++ +++All has been moved out and cleaned up+++

+++NOiD officially moved out+++ +++On hold for new Homebase+++

Never too big

While this looks like an oversized wine rack, it actually just cools down the neighboring offices while NOiD is on fire.

Our recording sessions are progressing nicely.

See you all on stage.

It ain’t all quiet

Just a few more steps before you’ve reached our (old) soundgarden. While we are about to move to a brand new homebase in Munich shortly, this place has made our reunion possible in 2015. Thanks!

We are currently busy getting our live-recorded-set up to scratch and will keep you updated soon, where and when our next gigs for the summer season of 2018 will take place.