Remember guys: When rehearsing in the summertime it is essential to take breaks and have a drink. Good to know you’re all safe and cozy because Udo knows all about checking walls! This one, for instance, is too thin! It lets in huuuuuuge amounts of really bad sound radiation from the guys next door! A total desaster. Sad! Luckily Udo always knows a soloution: Turn up the amps dudes!

This might be madness

Okay, I admit that this might be madness. But still: I love my magic floorboard arrangement… And as an added benefit for the band this confines the vocalist/rhythm guitar guy to a small space – leaving much more place everybody else!


It just couldn’t be avoided:
NOiD is officially restarted. Now bigger, balder and bolder!

Our 13-song set is well on the way and due to hit the stages in Bavaria sometime in 2017. Also, recordings will begin this summer!

Now back to rehearsal you lazy thugs!